Travel Blog Part 2: Stockholm, Sweden

Now let's begin the other half of my trip.

met up with some friends from Japan and our Swedish friends♡
Pom and Flora cafe♡most instagram related cafe. super healthy brunch choices
i mean i want to go here every weekend for brunch with my baby too. is that too much to ask for?
omg. Amy is smiling at the camera. I never seen that. 
Going into random vintage shops cus, hey Stockholm~~~~

ominipollos hatt
if you ever go to Stockholm, most definitely stop by here for some dope ass pizza and beer! I always say this when I go to Europe, but I'm never a beer person when I drink in Japan. but european beer is craft beer?? which I'm not that affluent in beer so don't know much about it, but I just love craft beer than Japanese beer...

A quick coffee stop

Hermans restaurant

my milkshake brings all them boys to the yard

eat and drink outside too, cus that's European style

Just a overview of Stockholm ya know.
We actually tried Coffee tasting for the first time among other tourist. lol it was fun tho
tunnelbana~~~ honestly I miss hearing Swedish. It's so soothing. 

Snacking a bit at home with shit we bought at the supermarket.

Anton in his natural HABITAT 
He made dinner for us! So sweet でしょ〜!ファミリーディナーthat turned into a ratchet hiphop listening party. lol
A typical Swedish コンビニdrink and a Japanese コンビニdrink collaboration

hey, that's the felafel chick. hahahaha 
mirror pic cus we like Kylie Jenner. 
cus heyyyyy i do it for the gram

9th floor Stockholm apartment vibes

so Tradgarden is a huge massive ooutdoor club in Stockholm and the one weekend I was there, it the opening for the summer time so people can party outside. 
The club is literally in the middle of the city and you can hear music bumping from outside. Crazyyy
pre party at a cool ass apartment

Louie Louie, another coffee shop

Gloomy whether but with a view so I ain't complaining. 

ay ay ay. I love this place so much. 

Fika time cus you know it

This is where the horrible terror attack happened. It was really right in the middle of a city center with a lot of people.... 

Spi bar... where I got a little too drunk on my last weekend but also had super fun:)
Mission Accomplished ♡

Honestly, the best fucking milkshake I have ever had in my life. lol 

I miss you~~stockholm♡

So while I was in Stockholm, I met had some random circumstances, to say the least. It was fun for a second, but then I always end up hurting myself because I forget that there's a time limit to these kinda stuff. 
I always make up situations in my head where, maybe just MAYBE something real can happen between two people. But nope. None of it is real and I have to accept that and just live in the moment. Because that's kinda the lifestyle I'm choosing on my own, and it's actually what I prefer to do as well. 
I hate being just a tool to someone, I hate being used and disposed. no one should feel good about that. 
I hate myself for actually letting that happen multiple times as well, but I can't help it. 
Am I addicted to adrenalin rush ???? Maybe. I like the rush that runs my whole body and heart. I like the feeling that it's not going to last forever so it compels me to have the most fun I ever had in my life. 
Fuck yeah. that's why I always get hurt. I'm hurting myself all the time. But then you know what, no good will come out of not knowing bad and visa versa. 
Ying and Yang. 
I'm always in the dark and reaching for bad on my own and it ends up being tattooed on me for the rest of my life. But that's experience and that's how a grow and learn. It may be dumb. There are ways not to get hurt so often and grow. But I find my experiences way more richer when I fuck up stuff. 
I learn the hard way. 
I create my own life story and just wing it. you know? 
Just wing the whole life thing. Because, fuck. I don't know what the fuck I'm doing but at least I'm having an entertaining life than you.