Travel Blog part1: Stockholm,Sweden

Travel BLOG! 

I went to Stockholm from 4/29-5/8 (Actually it was suppose to be until 5/7 but shit went wrong with Emirates airline...)

Why I went there... Because I heard so much about Stockholm and I have a few friends who are from there and it just seemed so inspiring and detoxing. 
※not to mention, I'm kinda obsessed with Swedes...and we can get into that later. hahaha

Arlanda Express coasts about ¥3000 ONE WAY but you get to the city in 20 min with WIFI
So this time I stayed at one of my friends's boyfriends's house near a station called Sandsborg. It's super close from all the main attractions, just about 20 min away from mostly everything. His house was sooooo inspirational! Scandinavian housings in 3 words. Simple, effortless and a lot of wood. I'll show you some more later on. 
Right after I got off the plane, and got to the house, I went on a Tinder date. It was so nice because he was a really cool guy who just wanted to show a Japanese girl around:) hahaha I got the gist of where things are and once I walk around the city, I can tell where I am. (Tinder is GREAT btw to get to know a city here and there so you should meet up with people if you are down in your own city as well)

So cute right?

The yellow and orange house colors everywhere makes it soooo photogenic.
The island called Gamla Stan basically. And the area where a lot of shopping is done
Way out West is a huge summer festival and the god damn lineup is just lit. 
"il cafe" I think is a chain cofeeshop but boy....they have some good ass coffee everywhere.
I think I spend like nearly ¥10,000くらい。。。?コーヒーだけに・・笑 しょうがない。日本のコーヒー微妙だし、高いんだもん。ヨーロッパのコーヒーショップは雰囲気がまたvibingだからOK:)

"Kafeする?" がスウェーデンの遊び方♡ Kafe=chillみたいな感じなんじゃないかな?
It literally means Cinnamon bun. 
But as much as I fuck with these so much, I actually likes the ones called Kardemummabulle, meaning, 
Kardemumma= Cardamom
The spice is just So god damn good. I feel like you can't get cardamom that often here....? カルダモンはスパイスの女王と呼ばれてるらしいw

clearly obsessing. 
5/2-5/4 Sightseeing and shopping

My whole mood through out the trip

Old town has the best little corner cafes.

City hall

Fotografiska (Photography museum)

Seriously, my favorite museum I think. People who like modern photography will like it I think. 
There were doing an exhibit for Patrick Demarchelier who's basically a legend I guess when it comes to fashion photography. It was so so amazing. 

How cool is it that he photographed princess Diana

They have the BEST restaurant on top of the museum so MUST GO THERE. I had the best raw vegan chocolate ball there, and btw Chocolate balls were everywhere in cafe's so I'm assuming it was a thing. 

minus the annoying American women plus a hot Swedish waiter, this place is a must go 

A cool ass restroom

Sorry, but so instagram

My morning ritual. KardemummaBulle

Look at this simple light and cute robot. I fucking love this ordinary mug they gave me for a cup of coffee.

Swedish public library
So I went to the Swedish public library but gosh, it was beautiful. It was designed by a Swedish architect I guess. One of my dream was to climb up a ladder and get a book, you know like from Beauty and the beast. Also from Harry Potter too right? lol 

I mean the lighting and simple detail...

It was a random french cafe but the food was delicious

a random second hand shop i went into with Anton
cappuccino of the day

Moderna Museet had the great exhibition!

Maria Abramovic is so crazy but raw and it makes you uncomfortable but it's actually just are minds that is making shit uncomfortable.

No fixed living place. How true is that? That's why everything is so scary and it's hard to get out of your comfort zone. 

Go to "Cafe Pascal" if you have the time, it's amazing. It's super hip but the food is great. You also get all you can eat Bread so YAY carbs. 

Cafe String has apparently great brunch options which I wasn't able to go. 

Cute flower shops were everywhere

Let me end the half of the trip here. 

Overall, all these random cafes you go to, there is always a great snack you can munch on, there are coffee shops literally everywhere, 
there are extremely attractive dad's everywhere. and I don't mean that as in "daddy" but like actual "fathers". Try to keep  your shit together when  you walk by a dad who is covered in tattoos and rolling a stroller and talking with the kid. 
Try to keep it together. Because it's not possible. 

Till next time xoxo