Age ain't nothing but a number is...TRUE THO

Nothing is more basic as fuck than writing up a piece before your bday.
Yup. The day has finally fucking arrived. I'm turing 25. To be honest, I'm actually very excited to grow old.
No joke, I love working, I love responsibilities, I love thinking about which country to go next, I love the possibilities of boys, (or should I say men. nah fuck it. boys are never men enough. Only Keanu Reeves is), I love thinking what kind of Jewelry to get next on my pay day ALL OF IT!
It's fucking awesome to grow old and have a stable job that you semi-like, and be able to do...basically whatever the fuck you want.

Think about the other side of the planet, women my age will kill to be in my shoes now, and I really fucking can't complain, and I won't. Because what I have is luck and privilege.

But boy oh, boy oh boy....2017, age 24 was sure a MAJOR FUCKED UP year for me.

I got sick, I was hospitalized, I almost thought my life was over, I was diagnosed as type 1 diabetes that I have to deal with forever and ever, I was hurt by so many BOYS, yes BOYS, I hurt my body, I hurt my mind and everything.

But hey, you know one thing that I learned,
there is always NEVER ONLY GOOD in life.
And there is NEVER ONLY BAD in life as well.
Where dark clouds float, there is ALWAYS that little silver lining you'll find.
It just happens too you know.
Out of no where, you find this lighting. It's so fucking trippy.
Like just a few seconds ago, I was crying in the bathroom at my work,
and a few hours later, you fucking go buy ice cream on your way home and all is fucking chill.

No, I'm joking, but really, one second I was devastated about life and myself, but than later on, You get back on your god damn feet, and be like

yo, the shit I was crying about is WACK. I was tripping. On to the next. Go on Tinder, find boys, if that doesn't work, watch KUWTK and think you own a make up empire

Honestly, there isn't much in concrete that I want to do at 25.
We'll see. but maybe the next big adult-like thing that I'm thinking is ....
moving out...? Seems like a good step. Also maybe take cooking a bit more seriously...? lol
Oh yeah, definitely I'm trying boxing this year for sure. I need to punch shit so badly.
The romance criteria...? I mean fuck, If there's any Swedish boys in Tokyo, hit me up anytime TBH.

Thoughts, Emotions, Actions. Keep them all connected and just take a deep breath.